What is My Beauty Pass ?

It's a loyalty program that allows you to enjoy discounts all year round on your favorite services in our salons ! The purpose is very simple : Offering our loyal customers the opportunity to be rewarded by being able to purchase mutliple services upfront for a discount. The approximate discount is 5% for a pass containing 5 services and 10% for a pass containing 10 services. And you want to know the best thing ? My Beauty Pass can be used right away the same day you purchase it, which means you don't need to be already a returning customer to enjoy the discounted rates !

How to use My Beauty Pass ?

Simply present your unexpired Beauty Pass at checkout for validation of units used, any extra services not covered by the pass must be paid at checkout. One box will be ticked off the back of your pass for each service credit used. Yes it's that simple !

Now for a few rules and policies


The pricing varies by location, depending on the regular prices of the services, see our menus for current pricing or ask one of our team members :